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Leadership Development

“We brought in Nathan to improve our team. Each team member learned about themselves and how to work with each other more effectively. My ability to lead was also sharpened by his process. I now know so much more about how to communicate with and motivate them. The results of Nathan’s process are certainly worth the investment we made.” -Brent Hagar, State Farm Insurance

communication coachingClutch Consulting is one of the foremost, independent leadership development consultancies in the Midwest. What makes our leadership development process unique is that we take a purpose-based approach to workplace culture. Simply put, culture is to the organization as character is to the individual. At the end of the day, we believe true leadership transformation and superior performance begins with personal awareness, accountability, and responsibility.

Nathan R Mitchell works with clients on a customized basis to determine their unique leadership training requirements, identify areas of opportunity, and most importantly, to implement purpose-based solutions that will lead to long-term, sustainable change.

At the end of the day, Nathan equips today’s leaders with the mindset and skill set they need to effectively empower those they are responsible for leading. When it comes to effective leadership, performing successfully as a leader begins with an enhanced understanding of one’s own self-awareness, and the willingness to take ownership of one’s words, actions, and results.

Nathan’s leadership development programs help organizations create new strategies, navigate change, enhance team collaboration, and improve communication – all while building a more capable, empowered, and productive workplace culture.

Nathan’s processes are best suited for:

  • Front-line managers, mid-level managers, executives and senior-level executives who want to take their leadership skills to a new level
  • Leaders who want to be more effective in their existing roles
  • Workplace teams that want to improve collaboration, communication, and overall productivity
  • Any organization looking to create a purpose-based culture of empowerment. This open and communicative culture will build long-term, sustainable business results
  • Internal training consultants such as HR and other Organizational Development Specialists looking to reach their full potential

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