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“I hired Nathan as a consultant to help me gain control of all the different challenges a business owner faces. Nathan has been a tremendous help, and in a very short time, has helped me move my business forward. I look forward to a long-term relationships with Clutch Consulting and see how much better Minert & Associates can become.” – Tony Minert

Nathan’s purpose in life is to empower others, and that’s how he helps businesses and people grow. Nathan empowers employees, leaders, managers, teams, and organizations to achieve superior performance and reach their full potential.

You see, the best organizations do a number of things right: 1) they communicate at a high level; 2) they hire and retain top talent; 3) they develop the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Are you ready to become this type of organization? If so, who’s leading, coaching, and guiding you along the way?

Part of your responsibility as a leader is to ENGAGE, EMPOWER, & MOTIVATE your team with EXCELLENCE! And superior TEAM PERFORMANCE begins with increasing SELF-AWARENESS!

If you desire to communicate and collaborate more effectively as a team, we can help. Our partnership with Target Training International allows us to offer you the highest quality, statistically validated, organizational assessments available on the market today. We will show your leaders, managers, and team members how they can play to each other’s strengths, and therefore better understand each other’s preferred communication style, individual motivators, and natural talents in the workplace.

If you desire organizational growth, it’s imperative that you be committed to developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your individual leaders and managers. At Clutch Consulting, we have a unique one-on-one coaching process that will help your supervisors maximize their natural talents and competencies to perform at a high level.

At the end of the day, you will grow your business when you commit to developing your people.

Here’s How We Can Offer It….

Educational Sessions & Workshops: With nearly fifteen years of leadership, management, entrepreneurship, and academic experience, Nathan can empower you and members of your team like few others. Nathan’s educational sessions and workshops are designed to provide the specific outcomes you are looking to achieve in your organization. Educational sessions and workshops range from 90-minutes in length, to half-day trainings, or multi-day experiences.

Consulting: Nathan and his partners offer consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to take their business to the next level, or to overcome specific challenges that may be getting in the way of their current and future success.

Coaching: Over the past several years, Nathan has conducted one-on-one coaching, as well as coaching sessions for small groups in a variety of different industries. If you are looking for a business or performance coach that will challenge you and help you reach your full potential, Nathan’s coaching services may be exactly what you need.

Organizational Assessments: We have access to a suite of organizational assessment products through Target Training International. TTI’s tools deliver results efficiently and effectively. Their product line is cutting edge, and offers the most comprehensive and compliant solutions available for Talent Management in the workplace today! TTI’s assessments measure five dimensions that contribute to superior performance in the workplace. These are Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, Competencies, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Articles, Books, and more: Nathan is currently working toward his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with Argosy University; therefore, he is always writing! Nathan has written numerous books and articles through the years, including Give Me the Ball! Winning the Game of Entrepreneurship, Growing Businesses & Empowering People, and Leading With Purpose: 30 Empowering Tips to Transform Your Organization.

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