Your Biggest Potential for ROI Exists in Yourself & Members of Your Team!

Executive Coaching

“Nathan’s detailed research and information make it very clear the effects of leadership on engagement in the workplace. His training was empowering and insightful. It really opened my eyes.” – Sheila Stephens, Training Specialist, Arvest Bank

Productivity increaseDESCRIPTION: 1-on-1 Coaching is an on-going conversation where I provide encouragement, guidance and honest feedback as YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals. I full expect you to grow yourself, your business, or both by helping you attain your personal goals and objectives!

In today’s competitive environment, some of the most successful individuals, leaders, and business owners have experienced tremendous benefits from coaching. In my coaching process, YOU will define the agenda; however, YOUR results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions YOU take. 

With that being said, my coaching clients are expected to and have experienced measurable return on investment when working with me. That’s why I’m extending a personal invitation to you to participate in this extraordinary opportunity.

At the end of the day, my purpose in life is to empower others, and I want to help you empower yourself through this powerful, collaborative process!

OBJECTIVES:  My responsibility is to provide content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback.  YOUR responsibility is to move from awareness to action and accountability.  My coaching provides many structures for you to meet your individual and organizational goals.

The objectives of my coaching process include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing accountability of your personal and professional goals
  • Improving specific skills related to your role – for example, leadership skills, communication, conflict resolution, time management, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Sharing best practices from my own personal experience, knowledge, skills and expertise
  • Being an unbiased, neutral sounding board for you
  • Preventing problems, thereby avoiding expensive, time consuming or embarrassing actions
  • Supporting your own personal growth and development, while helping you overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Personal Mentorship
  • And more…

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